Estimating The Storage Unit Size You Need

Estimating The Storage Unit Size You Need

Estimating The Storage Unit Size You Need


If you’re decluttering your home or moving in or out of the Round Rock, TX area, you’re probably thinking of getting a storage unit to safely put all your things in.


There are a variety of self-storage options in Round Rock, but the right one will depend on what you’re planning to store. With that comes figuring out just how much space you need. You wouldn’t want to run out of room or pay for more space than what you actually require.


It’s difficult to visualize the space in your head, and most people are often surprised by the number of things they can stuff into one self-storage unit. Remember that you’re not going to lay out the contents in a storage unit as you would in a typical closet or room.


To guide you in determining the amount of space you need, it’s best to ask yourself these questions:


  • What am I planning to put in the self-storage unit?


The first and most important part of figuring out this whole ordeal is to take an inventory of the things you will be placing inside your storage unit. Typically, the point of storage is that you are storing your belongings to one day retrieve them. Creating a list will not only help you sort out the size you should go for but also guide you once you need to find specific items.


Estimate the number of boxes you will be moving to your storage unit. You may also consider using a measuring tape to note the dimensions of larger items such as furniture. Take into consideration irregularly shaped items and those that can’t be stacked, such as lawn equipment and floor lamps.


  • Do I need to have a lot of access or none at all?


Aside from the amount and the size of the things you want to store, it’s important to take note of how you will be using your storage space as well as how much access you’ll need.


If you are using the self-storage unit for a move and you won’t need to access your belongings between homes, you can opt to load your storage unit to its maximum capacity. However, if you’ll be using self-storage to get things out of it from time to time, you may opt to allow room for an aisle. This is to avoid unloading your things just to find what you need.


  • What if I run out of space?


Check the cost of the next available storage size. If you want some peace of mind, determine the cost difference between storage unit sizes, and if it fits your budget, you may choose the bigger one. However, if you’re trying to avoid renting more space than you need, here’s a guide on what you can stash into each unit size:


  • 5 x 10 – This is commonly used for dorm furniture and seasonal sporting gear such as snowboards or surfboards, and as temporary storage when moving from one small apartment to another. It can fit a TV, a dresser, a queen-size bed, and several boxes.


  • 10 x 10 – This is often used for larger furniture and appliances when moving and storing a jet ski, a motorcycle, or tailgating gear. It can fit a family room and two full bedrooms.


  • 10 x 15 - This can fit three full bedrooms and large furniture. It’s usually for storing a compact vehicle such as a motorcycle, a scooter, or a jet ski as well as holding the contents of a large apartment when moving.


  • 10 x 20 - This can fit a multiple-bedroom house plus large furniture and several boxes. It is used as additional business storage for supplies and equipment, for storing contents of a small house when moving, and for storing cars and other vehicles.


  • 10 x 30 - This is often for larger vehicles such as an RV or a boat, with space left over for other belongings. It can also be used for storing the contents of a large home when moving and business storage for inventory or large equipment. It can fit a multiple-bedroom house plus large furniture and several boxes.


If you’re still unsure about getting the right amount of space, you can always call your chosen storage facility to confirm.


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