Six Tips For Successful Self Storage

Six Tips For Successful Self Storage

Whether you are storing belongings while you are transitioning from Round Rock to another city or just need to make more room in your Round Rock home, self storage is your best option. However, many people do not give much thought as to packing a storage unit correctly let alone choosing a unit or storage company. So let’s take a look at how to be successful at self storage.

1. Start Shopping Early:

The storage unit you choose should not be just because it is right down the street and the first month is free. You need to choose a company that is reliable. Check with the Better Business Bureau, check online for some reviews. Depending on what time of the year, your first choice may not be available when you want it. In the case of storing your possessions, cheaper is not better.

2. Choose A Unit With The Right Features:

Choosing your unit should be based on several factors, the size, the monthly fee, do you need an air conditioned unit? Is the storage unit conveniently located? How is the security at the storage company?

3. Make An Inventory List:

Make an inventory list of all items you plan on storing. This helps you decide what size you need and keeps your items detailed. Based on this inventory you will be able to use the company’s storage unit size and pricing you need.

4. Pack Your Unit Strategically:

First off, get boxes in only two sizes in that it will help you stack the unit and locate boxes easier. Label each box on at least three sides. It not only makes them easier to locate in the unit but helps with the unpacking process. Pack strategically. Place items in the back you know you won't want to access anytime soon and the items you may end up needing toward the front. Stack vertically not wide. Start with the heavy boxes on the bottom and build up. Allow yourself a pathway so you can access what you want.

5. Protect Your Items:

Make sure your items do not get bent, broken or damaged by packing carefully using your towels, sheets and packing items like bubble wrap. Your items should not be moving around when you lift it. Also anything delicate should be packed in airtight containers to add an extra layer of protection.

4. Invest In Insurance:

Make sure you buy insurance. You can check and see if your renters or homeowners insurance will cover any personal property that you place into storage. If it does not, then see if you can add it on or actually purchase a storage insurance plan. If your insurance does not carry any insurance such as this, talk to the storage company. After all, if they didn't have any value, you would not be paying monthly for a storage unit.  

For over 25 years at  Forest Creek Mini Storage our mission is to provide our customers, clean, safe, high quality storage in Round Rock. More importantly, our primary goal is to provide you with exceptional customer service. If you are looking to store a few items or an entire house, contact us and let us show you what we can provide for your needs.