3 Reasons Students Should Consider Extra Storage

3 Reasons Students Should Consider Extra Storage

Anyone that’s moving away from home to go to college in Round Rock, TX  is going to be experiencing many firsts. One of the early choices you’ll make is where to live if you’re no longer at home, one of the most efficient choices you can make is choosing to live in the dorm on or near campus.

However, even though this means that you’re close to your classes, it does present some other challenges, especially in terms of storage. It’s possible, however, for students to get a little more storage capacity for themselves securing extra storage facilities. Why would you want to do this? Here are three major reasons.


You’ll Get More Room

With a dorm situation, you take what you’re given. You might get your room to yourself, or, more likely, you’re going to be sharing. If you’ve come from a home situation where you’ve always had your room, this is your first brush with the adult realities of making the best of a situation you don’t have complete control over.

The more things you can find to store offsite, the more room you’ll have in your dorm to move around in. If you’re sharing your room with someone else, you’re going to want to have to work for every extra square foot of your own space you can manage. Auxiliary storage is a fast, convenient way to reclaim some of that space.


It’s Safer

When you lived at home, you only had to worry about other siblings taking things from your room without permission. Now that you’re living in a dorm, you have the legitimate worry of theft from total strangers who may not even live in the same building.

Like it or not, crime is a statistic that dorms are not exempt from. If you have high-value items that you don’t need always to keep nearby and accessible, store them away at an auxiliary location. This prevents items from going missing, and the frustration of wanting to conduct room-to-room searches and not being able to. Whether it’s your sporting equipment, or valuables like a family heirloom, or even your formal clothes that you won’t often be wearing, store them offsite and keep them safer.


An Extra Closet

Your dorm is likely only to have one closet, and you may be sharing that with someone else. If you don’t want to keep your suitcases handy or be constantly stumbling over boxes with your stuff in them, you’ll want to get access to extra storage space to put these things away until you need them.

Always remember that a lot of the things you think you’ll need, you probably won’t need them constantly. If you don’t have space in the closet for these things, take advantage of offsite storage.

If you’re looking for more storage space in Round Rock, TX while you’re studying, we can help. Contact Forest Creek Mini Storage, and we can you different sizes, even extras like added climate control if you need to preserve certain things at specific temperatures and humidity levels.