4 Basic Tips For Moving

4 Basic Tips For Moving

When you’re moving your home into Round Rock, TX, out of it, or just across town, you have to juggle a lot of considerations. You need to figure out the right day or days to move, how many trips you can make, which vehicles you’ll need, and whether you should hire help or just gather enough friends who can lift a couch. But before you do any of that, you’ll need to put a plan together, and there are a few basic tips you should keep in mind.

1. Get Rid Of What You Don’t Need

Moving is always a great excuse to go through all of your belongings and think hard about how much you need, how much is junk, and how much will be more useful sold or donated. As you pack for the move, create piles for “keep,” “donate,” “sell,” and “toss.” Doing this will make your move much easier since a lot of your belongings won’t be going with you, plus it can be a very liberating experience to get rid of all the things you never really needed.

2. Least Useful To Most Useful

If you have the opportunity to move in stages, whether it’s over a single day or over several, your priority for moving things should be to take over the less useful belongings first. This means the books you don’t read every day, the digital media you don’t plan on using, the out-of-season clothes and formal clothes you don’t need to wear, and so on. From there you can move on to the stuff you don’t need before the move is over, and lastly you take the essentials like your bed, your home office, and your food.

3. Biggest To Smallest

When you start loading up your trucks and other vehicles with your furniture and boxes, always remember to load the biggest things first. The big furniture needs the most space, and its weight can crush boxes and lighter furniture if you have to pack it on top. This approach can make it more difficult to move things out of your Round Rock, TX home, so you should prepare the interior before moving or create a staging area outside where your belongings can wait before loading them onto a truck.

4. Measure Your New Living Space

When you bring your belongings to your new home, you should have a plan for where everything will go. To make that plan work, you should know exactly how much space your furniture and other belongings will take up and where you can put them. Be sure to measure each room and write down the numbers you get, and if you can’t visit the place in person you can still get the dimensions from the current owners or the construction company.

Something else you can do to make moving easier is rent a storage space where you can put things when your moving in and moving out dates don’t line up. That’s why many people in Round Rock, TX turn to Forest Creek Mini Storage to house their belongings. We have plenty of size options available for however much storage space you need.