Downsizing With Ease Tips On How To Move To A Smaller Home Space

Downsizing With Ease Tips On How To Move To A Smaller Home Space

Moving into a smaller apartment from one’s home in Round Rock may seem like the basics of an adulting 101 book. It is a sign of independence from one’s nest, and an ability to learn how to navigate life by oneself. However, when you have been used to an entire house, with all the space to yourself and your things, this is where it can get tricky. 

Whether you are moving into a small apartment with a roommate or getting your own small space for rent, it does not have to be a nightmare. Follow these three tips to make sure that moving day can still be a fun way to commemorate being part of the working and self-sufficient population. 

Think of It as Change Up, Not Change Down 

If you are moving as a part of your step towards adulthood and independence, then despair should be the last emotion on your mind. Look at this change as a positive instead of negative life event.

Just because you are moving to a smaller space in Round Rock does not mean you are downsizing your life. Think of it as a change of scenery, instead of being forced out of the home. For those who are moving to a smaller space from an old apartment, consider this a refresh. 

There was a good reason for the move--easier access to the home, better access to the city--so make sure that you remember this. Your mindset is such a powerful tool towards making things happen--don’t thwart what’s to come before it does.

Treat this move as a way to filter out what you still need and what you don’t. Know your priorities--there may be some that you can still hold on to, but only kept in your old home. 

Make A Keep Or Skip List

Be inspired by Marie Kondo; see what sparks joy when you hold it and throw away those that don’t. Be honest with yourself. You may love that pair of jeans since your college days in Round Rock, but if they do not match the rest of your professional wardrobe or they are just not your style anymore, throw them out. 

Or better yet, donate or recycle them. There may be someone who can benefit from that pair of jeans. Or if you are really attached, why not transform it into a notebook cover to keep the sentiment with you at all times. 

Measure Your Things 

Now that you have chosen which will stay and which will go, you will need to go through another phase of sorting. When you have a smaller space, you need to be more exact with the measurements. Just because you feel that you can reread your 50 books does not mean it can fit the limited shelf space of your apartment.  

One way to deal with extra things that you need but cannot keep in the apartment is to have a storage area that could house it for you. Ideally this would be a storage facility that is nearer your new home, so you can access the things you need without having to transfer them all in your new apartment. 

If you need this kind of service, make sure that your chosen storage solutions provider meets your criteria of proximity to your new home and accessibility for any given time. Forest Creek Mini Storage answers this call by having multiple units available, various types of storage, and an accessible branch in Round Rock. Check out their offered unit sizes in their official website today.