How to Prepare Your Belongings for Storage

How to Prepare Your Belongings for Storage

Whether you’re renovating your home, moving soon, or decluttering, renting a storage unit is a secure and practical option to keep and store belongings that can’t stay in your home. You can store your items in a storage facility temporarily or as long as you want and need.

Once you’ve found the right Round Rock, TX storage facility to rent, it’s important that you properly prepare your belongings for storage. Doing so will make sure that the items won’t be damaged and also help you make the most of the storage space.

Here are some tips for properly and safely preparing your stuff for storage.

1. Familiarize yourself with storage restrictions.

You need to make sure what items can and can’t be stored in your rented storage unit. The storage facility manager will likely give you a list of restricted items if they have any restrictions. If they don’t, do not forget to ask to make sure that you won’t be violating any rules just because you don’t know such rules exist.

2. Carefully decide which items go to the storage.

It’s important to carefully choose which items you’ll store in your off-site Round Rock, TX storage unit. You need to make sure that those items still hold value, but simply cannot stay in your home for now. Otherwise, consider giving away or selling them, instead of letting them consume precious storage space.

3. Clean items before taking them to the storage.

When preparing items for storage, you have to clean them first. Make sure they won’t attract mold and mildew. This way, when it’s time to take them out of storage, you won’t have to deal with nasty odors and mildew.

4. Use clear bins and bags instead of boxes.

Boxes are usually used for packing and storing items, but this time, you may want to consider putting your belongings in clear or transparent bags and containers. This will allow you to quickly see what’s inside of each container or bag, which will make organizing items in the storage easier. Furthermore, when you need to take out something from the storage, you won’t have to open all boxes and bags just to know where you stored the item you need.

5. Make an inventory of all items that will go to the storage facility.

Of course, you need to know which items will be moved to your new home. This allows you to determine whether an item is in your home or in the storage unit. Furthermore, when it’s time to get the items out of storage, you’ll be able to check whether something is missing.

6. Pack items securely.

Make sure that you pack items in a way that they will be protected from outside conditions. Fragile items also need to be packed with sufficient cushion -- think newspapers and bubble wraps.

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