How To Properly Store Your Holiday Decorations

How To Properly Store Your Holiday Decorations

One of the most popular items to put into storage is holiday decor. Seasonal decor that is used once a year can take up a lot of necessary space in your Round Rock home. Storing them offsite in a storage unit gives you access when you need them once a year, but frees up valuable space in your home. If you’re considering storing your holiday decorations, here’s how to pack them so they stay organized and in great shape.

Storing Outdoor Holiday Decorations

The best way to store outdoor holiday decorations is to try to keep the original packing materials they came in. This will help you pack them safely and securely. If you do not have the same boxes, invest in some plastic tupperware tubs. If they are inflatable, let all the air out of them. If they are something you assemble, take them apart. Before storing any holiday items, make sure to clean them thoroughly and make sure they are completely dry to prevent any mold or pests.  

How To Store Holiday Fabrics, Blankets, And Pillows

Fabrics are especially susceptible to damage in storage. Any of your holiday fabrics should be stored in airtight containers. Vacuum sealed bags are often a great choice because they can protect the integrity of the fabric, while keeping pests and mold away. Before storing your fabric items, make sure to clean them thoroughly and let them dry completely. This will help keep them from getting musty or full of mildew, as well as keeping away pests like moths who love to eat fabrics.

Storing Paper Decorations Like Cards And Signs

Paper is also vulnerable to damage and deterioration in storage. If you have keepsakes like holiday cards or letters, invest in acid-free archival storage boxes and folders. Archival boxes will keep them completely safe from any damage. You’ll also want to make sure you store them in a climate controlled space because heat and humidity can degrade the materials.

Storing Garlands, Wreaths, Trees, And Floral Arrangements

Fake greenery is tricky to store because they don’t always pack up neatly in a box. They can also get wared, tangled, and bent out of shape if stored compactly. The best way to store these items is to keep them assembled and then seal them in an airtight bag. There are some easy and affordable storage bags designed specifically to protect greenery. Make sure to also clean them and fully dry them out before storing them.

Storing Ornaments And Other Decor 

Storing ornaments and other decor can also be a bit tricky. Since they are easily breakable, you’ll want to invest in small plastic storage containers wrapped individually in acid-free packing paper or foam. Then store all the small boxes by holiday in larger boxes. As with anything going into storage, make sure to clean the items and let them fully dry before storing so they do not get moldy or degrade. 

Once you’ve packed up your holiday ornaments, it’s time to choose a good storage facility. At Forest Creek Mini Storage in Round Rock, we offer a variety of different sized units for your needs. We also offer climate-controlled units to keep all your holiday decor safe. Check us out at our convenient Round Rock location and see how we’ll help you protect your sentimental holiday items.