Keeping Your Storage Unit Organized For Frequent Access

Keeping Your Storage Unit Organized For Frequent Access

While you might have some belongings that need to be stored away from home, that doesn’t mean you suddenly don’t need those belongings. Your winter clothes, your lanterns, and tents for a camping trip, or your holiday decorations are all popular items that might be placed in your storage unit and will need to be accessed semi-regularly. The big issue that arises for Round Rock, TX residents who use storage units is getting to these things when you need them and without making a big mess.


The way to make sure your needed items are accessible and within reach is by keeping your storage unit organized, and knowing just where your things are so you can get them just when you need them. When placing items in storage, too few Round Rock, TX residents do their future selves a favor by keeping things organized from the start.


Tips For Better Storage Organization


A few tips can really help you to revamp your storage space, and provide you with the access you need just when you need it. The tips you need to know for better storage space organization are:


  • Choose one size of the box – Your storage space will likely have a lot of stacking, but how safe is that stacking? You don’t want to pull one box and have a tower of other boxes topple over, as this presents a serious safety hazard that can lead to severe injuries. Instead of using a myriad of different boxes, choose one size of box and stick to it. Medium-sized boxes are often best for easy access and easy carrying.


  • Label all boxes accurately – How much easier would it be to find what you need if your boxes were clearly labeled? Labeling your boxes clearly and accurately lets you know where the things you need are, especially if you label in thoughtful groups. Your Christmas or other holiday decorations labeled and contained in one box, your camping supplies in another box, and your seasonal clothes in yet another.


  • Give priority access to items you need more frequently – You know you’ll need those holiday decorations every year, so place them in an easy to access location you’ll be able to get to quickly and without issue. The bottom of a stack of boxes isn’t the best place, as you’ll need to move all the boxes on top before you can get to that one you’re likely to need. Starting from the back, place the things you’re less likely to need on the bottom and in the back, while the things you need most often go toward the front and in easy to grab positions.


Easier Storage For Easier Access


For those in Round Rock, TX, easier access to your belongings just takes some simple organization and thought about storing your items. At Forest Creek Mini Storage, we want to keep your storage easy. If you’re looking for storage in Round Rock, TX, or tips to keep your storage organized, contact us at Forest Creek Mini Storage today.