Top Items Moving Companies Refuse to Move

Top Items Moving Companies Refuse to Move

When it is time to move, there are lots of things that wind up falling onto your to-do list. Hiring a Round Rock mover and packing up your items are just two things that need to be done first. 

While movers may make the job easier, there are certain things that they just won't move. So, to avoid any stress or headaches along the way, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the top items moving companies refuse to move.

You will also find that these items should also not be stored in your storage unit either for almost the same reasons. Keep all this in mind as you pack, move, and store your items on future moves.


If your move is long-distance, one of the more common items a mover won't move are plants. It is actually illegal to transport plants more than 150 miles away without first obtaining a special license to do so. Many pests can hitchhike on these plants, and moving them to a new location, and new area can prove disastrous. 

Hazardous Materials

While this may seem obvious to some, it may be an oversight for others. Some items that are considered hazardous include paint, aerosol cans, paint thinner, batteries, and fire extinguishers. If you can't ship it or dispose of it easily, this should be a good indication that your movers won't move it with your other belongings.

Perishable Food

If you have food that will spoil or will attract pests, then movers are not going to move it for you. Try to consume what you can before your move and keep frozen stuff in a cooler that you can move yourself. You can also consider donating food items to minimize waste. 

Flammable Items

If you have kerosene, charcoal, lighter fluid, or anything else that is considered flammable, refrain from packing it with the rest of your belongings for the movers. It is best to use these items up or dispose of them properly before you move. 

Why They Won't Move These Items

While this is far from an extensive list of items that Round Rock movers won't move, it is a good start and something to think about as you plan your next move. Moving companies don't want to transport these items because of the elevated risk that exists with doing so.

The above items can cause damage to the movers, the moving truck, or the possessions of the customer that are already packed away in the moving truck. They can also cause harm to the environment and pose health risks to the public. 

Again, this list also includes all the items you will not want to pack in your storage unit as well because it can become dangerous, attract pests, or cause damage to the storage unit and your other belongings.

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