4 Useful Pointers For Student Self-Storage

4 Useful Pointers For Student Self-Storage

No matter what age you are when you start college, there’s a good chance that all your belongings won’t fit into the single-room apartment or shared dorm room you use while you’re on campus.  If you can’t store all your belongings with your family or you need some things close by, it’s a good idea to rent a self-storage unit in Round Rock, TX and use it for all your overflow.  However, moving everything in and out can be a hassle, so it’s a good idea to get organized and keep these tips in mind before you fill your unit.

1. Put Labels On Everything

As soon as you fill a cardboard box, use a marker and write what’s inside on the box.  Write it on several sides just to be safe.  You might think it’s easy to remember now, but when several months pass and you open your storage unit again you’ll be lost among all the brown boxes with no clue which ones had your book collection and which ones had your spare plates.  By labeling your boxes and other containers, you will quickly know which ones you need to pull out when you need to retrieve something.

2. Place Frequently Used Items Up Front

If you can’t fit everything in your current dorm room or apartment, some of the things you’ll need to store will include seasonal clothing like winter gear and important documents you don’t need to use every day.  However, you’ll need to pull these items out when the seasons change or when tax time comes around, and it will be very inconvenient if you have to empty half your storage unit to get them.  That’s why it helps to keep these important and regularly used items up front and on top of everything else.

3. Consider Splitting Your Unit

If you don’t want to handle the rental costs of a storage unit on your own, or if a mini-storage unit is still too big to hold your overflow, you should consider splitting it with a college friend you can trust.  The friend can use the rest of the storage area and split the cost with you.  Then if one of you moves away from Round Rock, TX or stops needing storage, the other person can find someone new.

4. Remember To Clean Your Things

Storage units are clean and self-contained.  Still, you should still visit your things once in a while to dust the surfaces and check whether your clothing needs a wash or an appliance needs some maintenance.  This will make sure your property is in good shape and ready to go when the time finally comes to bring everything to your new home.

A self-storage unit can be incredibly useful for a college student in Round Rock, TX, but you should still make sure you store your things right and keep them in good condition.  At Forest Creek Mini Storage, we have plenty of units for students, first-time homeowners, collectors, and others who need a little more space than their home has to offer.  Call us today and start renting your own storage unit today.