Benefits of Storing Your Boat at a Covered Parking Lot

Benefits of Storing Your Boat at a Covered Parking Lot

Boat ownership comes with the big responsibility of deciding where the boat will be stored while it is not in use. There are several different boat storage options available, but these options typically fall into two categories: covered and uncovered storage.

Why You Need Boat Storage

Boats can take up a lot of space and a lot of the time you will find that rules and regulations − namely an HOA − will decide that you can't store your boat on your property, even if it is in your garage or driveway. 

These neighborhood covenants don't allow any kind of boat storage, and if you ignore this rule, you may find yourself subjected to complaints and even HOA fines. For this reason, you may want to consider another storage option for your boat.

Types of Boat Storage

Outdoor storage is often the cheapest option available; however, with long term outdoor storage, you may find that your boat is prone to damage related to the weather or unwanted guests like insects and animals may have made a home there.

Finally, covered or canopy parking allows protection for your boat against the constant exposure to the sun and weather and has a few other benefits you will want to know about before deciding which of these options is best for you.

Benefits of Covered Boat Storage

When you store your boat in a covered lot, you will find many benefits to the dry storage option. Not only does it keep your boat protected, they offer additional features you will love that also include saving a bit of money.

With covered storage, your boat will be protected from the wind, rain, and UV damage. Your boat's paint job will also stay intact because the sun will not be shining directly onto it, causing the paint to fade or become discolored. Another big benefit is the protection covered storage offers in adverse weather conditions like hail and rain. 

Rain and humidity can cause mold and mildew to form, and these issues can be hard to get rid of once they start. The sun can also break down the fibers of your boat cover as well as wear down the rubber on your tires. 

All of this can save you money in the long run because you won't have to shell out money to pay for any damages that may have occurred due to the improper storage of your boat.


Self-storage facilities offer this kind of covered protection for your boat. With the protection, you will also find that there is added security as well, so you can rest easy knowing that your boat will be safe until it is time to use it again.

When choosing your storage option, make sure there is ample room for your boat, and you have access whenever you need it. If you have any questions or want a closer look at some self-storage options for your boat, contact Forest Creek Mini Storage in Round Rock, TX.