Climate-Controlled Storage Is Great For That Summer Heat

Climate-Controlled Storage Is Great For That Summer Heat

When you consider renting a storage unit, you’ll notice that many locations in Round Rock, TX have regular and climate-controlled units to choose from.  Climate-controlled units cost more to rent, but they keep their interiors within a reasonable range of temperatures.  While some items can take extreme temperatures without any sort of damage, there are all kinds of objects that summer heat can damage which a climate-controlled unit will protect.

Papers And Books

Paper products like books, important documents, and newspapers don’t handle extreme heat well.  Paper that goes through extreme heat fluctuations can turn yellow and brittle, especially if it also experiences high humidity.  If you have essential documents or a large book collection you want to keep in a storage unit, you should make sure it has climate control to keep them in good condition.


Electronics are surprisingly vulnerable to high heat and humidity.  Monitor screens in particular can suffer from dead pixels, partially melted surfaces, and more.  Electronics and batteries will also suffer in very cold temperatures, and climate-controlled storage units protect their contents from both extremes.

Important Collections

Many people take up collecting as a hobby, and these collections can include stamps, comic books, fine art, photographs, wines, and more.  Some of these collections are stable enough to handle big temperature swings, but paper products, artwork, and wine are definitely vulnerable to extreme heat.  If you want to collect and store them in a Round Rock, TX storage unit, make sure it has climate control.

Wood And Leather

Organic materials like wood and leather don’t handle temperature swings very well.  Leather can discolor if exposed to high humidity for long periods, and over time the oil that keeps it supple can fade and allow the leather to crack.  Wood will also absorb moisture from the high humidity of a hot summer day, and over time it will warp and crack.  Whether it’s furniture or articles of clothing, you should preserve your property by keeping it in a climate-controlled unit.


You should never store food for very long in any storage unit.  Even if the food is dried or preserved, it usually won’t stay safe and edible forever.  However, even stable preserved food can go off or fall apart before the expiration date if you keep it in a hot storage unit for too long.  So if you do need to store food products outside of your kitchen for a few months at a time, make sure your storage unit has climate control.

Climate-controlled storage units may cost a bit more than units without the feature, but when you have sensitive items you need to protect that extra cost is definitely worth it.  At Forest Creek Mini Storage, we offer climate-controlled units for Round Rock, TX residents, and whether you need to store a few pieces of furniture as you move between homes or whether you need long-term storage for a growing collection we’re happy to accommodate you.  Contact us today to see our price list and sign up for a storage unit of your own.