Deciding Between RV Storage at Home Versus a Storage Facility

Deciding Between RV Storage at Home Versus a Storage Facility

If you have an RV, then you may have run into problems at some point or another when it came to storing it. RV storage facilities are often the easy choice for people who don't want to have to contend with a lot of long-term upkeep; however, there are still others that find that storing their RV at home is the easier and more affordable solution.

Today, we will be offering a few of the reasons as to why choosing a storage facility to store your RV may be the better option.

There May Be Less Damage

RVs are definitely built to withstand adverse weather conditions and elements, but it is still never a good idea to keep any kind of vehicle parked outdoors for extended periods of time. This is especially true if you live in an area that is often humid or it has extreme temperatures. It is also not good in areas that experience a lot of rainfall and snow either. 

An RV storage facility can offer you covered storage that keeps your RV safe and protected during each and every season.

Lots More Security

Storage facilities have been designed with security in mind. They know that they need to be protected against thieves and criminals and for this reason, they offer another level of protection that you might not be able to provide your RV at home. When you store it at home, it is entirely up to you to take care of the security. However, when you choose an RV storage facility, you will have electronic passcode entry, security cameras, locked fences, alarms, and sometimes even on-site staff to ensure that your property remains safe and secure at all times.

More Storage Space

RV facilities will also be able to offer you much more in the way of space than you might have at your home. Unless you have a pretty large garage or a nice piece of property where you can tuck away the RV, you may find it challenging to find a good place for it to fit. 

In addition, you may have a homeowner's association that won't allow you to park your RV on the street, your property, or your driveway without incurring some kind of fine or penalty.

Convenient Access

Another advantage is the convenient access you will have. You can always choose a storage facility in close proximity to some of your favorite destinations or roadways to have that added convenience of your RV always being easily accessible when you need it.

Size Options

Finally, since no two RVs are always the same size, you will have the option to choose the appropriately sized storage unit for yours. Many RVs are able to fit into a 300 square foot space; however, if you need more space than this, you can look at other indoor and outdoor options that may provide you with that extra wiggle room. 

Many people have an RV because they like to pack up and get away and travel the world when they can. Sometimes, however, you will also find that they don't purchase an RV simply because they are unsure of where they can store it when it isn't in use. This is when an RV storage facility comes in handy and can make it possible for you to own your RV, enjoy it, and make sure your investment is protected when you aren't using it.

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