Organizing A Self Storage Unit For Easier Access

Organizing A Self Storage Unit For Easier Access

Let’s face it – most of us could use a little extra space. Spring cleaning is great, but there still never seems to be room for everything that we own. That’s where self-storage units come into play, and it explains why so many Round Rock, TX residents end up using one. But what most of these units have in common is that the majority of users end up just shoving them full of items without care or consideration of what they’re doing. 

What happens when you suddenly need something that is stored in the unit? For most Round Rock, TX self-storage unit renters, it means that everything gets drug back out of the unit, dug through, and attempted to be found. It can be a hassle filled nightmare – one that actually leaves your storage unit even more unorganized and cluttered. But with a little planning and forethought, it’s much easier than you might suspect to organize a self-storage unit for easier access. 

With that in mind, here are some of the key tips that can make it easier to do just that and give yourself a Round Rock, TX storage unit you can access easily. 

Choose One Box Size

Believe it or not, same size boxes are one of the keys to better storage. They make it easier to stack and store and organize, letting you create a storage unit situation that is much easier for you to move through. Remember however that bigger boxes may not hold up great if they’re stacked with light items, and overfilling them can lead to too much weight.

Consider What You Need Most

For most people, there are two types of items going into storage – things that they don’t want to get rid of but aren’t sure when they’ll use, and things that they are storing periodically that will need to be retrieved. Some of the latter include things like:

  • - Seasonal clothing

  • - Holiday items

  • - Tools or hobby supplies

  • - Trip supplies for vacation, camping, and so on. 

When you pack, place the items that will likely be retrieved periodically in the front or in easy to access locations, with the rarely needed items towards the rear of the unit. 

Labels, Labels, Labels

Labels matter. Be sure you label each box according to what is in it. If you need to, get really in depth and use a content list – number each box, then create a chart with the contents of each box listed. If you need something, just look on the list, find the box number you need, then go retrieve it.

Shelve And Stack

If it’s a long term storage situation, invest in shelves to place along a wall for even easier access. And think about using a brick-wall pattern on your same-size boxes. It actually lets you remove and replace boxes without having to move the boxes on top of them.

Get A Larger Unit

We know – storage can be costly. But for those who have a lot to store, it really can be worth it to just upgrade to a slightly larger unit instead of trying to cram everything you own into a unit that is too small for your needs.