Reasons To Use Our Mini Storage Facilities

Reasons To Use Our Mini Storage Facilities

At one point or another in a Round Rock person's life, the chances are good that he or she will need to lease a storage unit. For some, they may elect to sell their homes and downsize to a smaller place. In such cases, the new residence probably won't have enough room for all of their belongings. However, that doesn't mean that they want to hold a garage or estate sale and get rid of everything. That is where a mini-storage facility comes in handy.

The individuals can store all of their possessions there, for a low monthly fee, and easily retrieve them should the need arise. Another reason why Round Rock persons may find themselves needing a storage unit is if they are in the armed services and get deployed. When military personnel live alone and don't want to pay rent on an empty apartment or house for months or years on end, they can save some cash by storing their belongings away in at a mini-storage facility until they return.

Even businesses can benefit from renting a storage unit. They can free up space around the office by keeping paper files, old equipment, and more in the room. Not all mini-storage facilities are created equal. Therefore, Round Rock citizens should do their homework before deciding which one is right for them. The following sections will cover some of the pros associated with selecting our organization.

Climate-Controlled Storage Options

A lot of folks are particular about where they store their items, and rightfully so. The last thing they want to happen is for their belongings to get ruined because the pieces got too hot or cold. For instance, electronics may fail to function correctly if scorching temps become part of the equation.

Then again, should belongings happen to start sweating inside a conventional storage unit in a humid area, mold or mildew growth can occur. Persons who elect to go with our company don't have to fret about such issues, though. Our climate-controlled storage units can prove to be just what the doctor ordered for keeping their stuff safe and in immaculate shape.

Free Disc Locks

It does not matter whether a person chooses a climate-controlled or non-climate controlled storage unit; all leasers receive free disc locks. The robust mechanisms are hard to break or cut. In other words, if thieves happen to find their way onto the premises, the goods inside the buildings will be safe and sound. Not to mention, the free device helps the renter save some money by not having to run out and buy a new padlock.

This And That About Parking

On occasion, people need a place to park cars, RVs, and boats. Perhaps the homeowners’ association doesn't allow the vehicles to be in the driveway or on the street. Or, maybe, the person simply does not have room for the mode of transportation on his or her property. Regardless of why an individual needs a parking space, our storage facility has them covered. We provide uncovered, covered, and covered parking with electricity to accommodate the needs of every customer.

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