Understanding Climate Controlled Storage Solutions

Understanding Climate Controlled Storage Solutions

Storage units are being utilized more and more these days by people who are looking for better and more high-quality solutions to storing their luxury items safely. One such type of storage unit that is gaining the most popularity these days are known as climate controlled units. If you have been searching for the best storage options, you have probably heard mention of this, but do you really know what it means and how it can benefit you?

Read on to find out more before renting your next storage unit.

What Does Climate Control Really Mean?

There are temperature controlled units and climate controlled. The biggest difference to remember here is that temperature controlled is just that − only the temperature of the unit is regulated. For the best and safest way to store your belongings, you will want to both temperature and humidity control.

Mechanical varieties are the most common and instead of heat, they use a refrigerant to remove the moisture from the air. Extreme levels of humidity can be effectively managed this way. 

Proper Humidity Levels

The best humidity level for a storage unit should be around 55%. This should protect your items being stored from becoming damaged. However, if the tenant wants a different humidity level, they can request it; however, you still want to stay under that 55% mark. Most homes that are air-conditioned, for example, stay within 35% and 40%.

Items to Store in Climate Controlled Units

Climate control is best suited for more sensitive and vulnerable items that you want to avoid becoming damaged. These items include artwork like paintings, so they don't develop mold or mildew. Delicate fabrics, antique toys, and upholstered furniture can also grow mold and mildew in environments with too much humidity.

Other items to store in a climate controlled unit include delicate paper items, electronics, metals, optical discs, vinyl records, wine, and wood furniture or instruments. 

Who Is Responsible for Damaged Items?

If you find that any of your items have become damaged in a controlled climate unit, the storage owners are not legally responsible for those damaged items. Sometimes the system can malfunction or be subjected to some kind of failure. However, the owners will do everything they can and proceed with all reasonable efforts to avoid temperature and humidity extremes.

If you have any other questions about a climate controlled unit or want more information on how it can benefit you and your items, then contact Forest Creek Mini Storage in Round Rock, TX today.