5 Tips To Make Packing Things Away Easier

5 Tips To Make Packing Things Away Easier

Even with the arrival of COVID-19, and other parts of the USA, life goes on, and that sometimes means moving. In fact, for some, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a reason to move, as life in denser, more expensive urban centers starts to make less sense with lockdowns, restaurant closures, and fewer opportunities to socialize.

That’s why for some exodus from cities has more and more appeal. But if you’re moving, there are a few tips you should follow to make things less hectic for yourself. Here are five useful things you can do.

Pack Heavy Things In Individual Boxes

There’s an understandable urge to try to be efficient with space and pack as many things as possible into a single box. However, when it comes to heavier home items, less is definitely better. Packing heavy objects in their own individual boxes makes it much easier to move those items.

Label Every Box

Taking the time to label every box with the intended room and its contents will help you and your movers if you’ve hired them. But spending just a few extra seconds doing this with each box, moving into a new home because much faster as everyone knows where a box should go.

Donate Some Things

If you’re moving, now is the time to do some decluttering and get rid of things you don’t need. However, even if you don’t need them, someone else less fortunate might. Badly. If you want to do yourself—and someone else—a favor, get rid of unwanted items through donation, rather than through throwing into the garbage heap.

Duplicate Important Documents

Things can get lost in a move. Some things you don’t want to be lost are essential documents such as birth certificates, passports, tax returns, and others. If you want to make sure you have access to this data, no matter what, make multiple copies. Another efficient method is to convert these documents to the digital format by either scanning them or creating PDF documents.

Store Things Offsite

Sometimes a move can’t be made from one location to another all in the same period. This can create some logistical problems, but one of the best ways to handle this is to seek temporary storage. While there are plenty of options, the safest one is a professional temporary storage facility.

Relying on friends and relatives, for example, means there’s a danger of damage, loss, or even theft. Temporary storage facilities grant only you access to these belongings. What’s more, there are dedicated options for environmentally controlled storage. So if you have items, such as paintings, that require a dry space, or a specific temperature to be maintained, professional offsite storage can accommodate these more specialized needs. It’s an excellent way to safely keep things protected until it’s time to bring them to their proper destination.

If you need a secure storage facility, we can help. Contact Forest Creek Mini-Storage and leave your belongings in our good hands.