Are You Preparing For A Winter Move?

Are You Preparing For A Winter Move?

The winter season isn’t the ideal time to move but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your winter move experience. When you find the right new home it’s not the kind of opportunity you want to allow to slip away, so a winter move in may be what needs to happen. While you may not be enjoying the warm area breeze or stepping out to admire your new garden, a few tips can help you to make your move even more enjoyable than you may think.

Part of an easy move is finding the right movers, knowing how to prepare, and having storage ready for all those items that might not make it into the new place straight away. Storage makes sure you have a safe place for all of those treasured belongings that might not have a designated home in your new space just yet.


Tips For An Easier And Smoother Winter Move


If you’ve never moved in winter before, you may be wondering what you can expect. A few tips can lead you in the right direction and ensure your move goes smoothly. Some tips for a smoother and easier winter move are:


  • Hire a reputable moving company – Winter weather can be unpredictable, and you’ll want your move to go as quickly as possible. Hiring a reputable moving company that you can rely on to show up on the day of the move and who you know will work hard will make a massive difference. A reputable moving company can cut hours off of your day and save you a great deal of pain and inconvenience.


  • Plan your route and get your vehicles in order – Planning your route makes sure you, your movers, and any friends or family who may be helping are all on the same page. You’ll want to avoid routes that could get dicey if winter weather rolls through, and you’ll want to make sure your moving trucks are able to easily navigate the roads you choose. Before your big move, make sure all of your vehicles are serviced and ready to make a few trips.


  • Plan to get started early – It’s important to remember that the days are shorter in the winter season, and you don’t want to still be moving after the sun goes down. During twilight and night hours temperatures drop and it’s far more likely to be icy while you’re trying to transport boxes to your new space. Plan to get started early in the morning and rest up to make sure you’re ready.



Making Your Move A Smooth One


The right movers and the right storage can make or break your winter moving experience. For winter storage, make sure your belongings are safe in a temperature controlled and secure space throughout the cold weather season. If you’d like to learn more about moving in winter, or during any time of the year, contact us at Forest Creek Mini Storage today.