Busting Storage Myths

Busting Storage Myths

Some people would rather endure the hardship of getting all of their stuff into their new homes or office spaces than make use of a storage unit. Why? For various reasons that are actually not true! There are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding storage units and these stop people from enjoying the convenience of having one. So if you are moving places soon but are still undecided whether to make use of the storage unit or not, let us debunk some false beliefs about them.

5 Misconceptions About Storage Units And Why They Are Not True

  1. Storage Units Are Not Safe! – False! In fact, storage units are equipped with a variety of security and safety measures that will ensure your items are protected all the time. Surveillance cameras are placed in strategic locations to monitor any suspicious behaviors from any individual who passes by the area. Security locks that can be opened only by the storage unit owner are also put in place. In case of an attempted break-in, alarms are ready to blare to warn authorities about the threat. Safety and security are the top priorities of storage units.


  1. Storage Units Can Damage Your Items! – Again, not true! There are actually different types of storage units that can accommodate items that are sensitive to weather and climate. For instance, there are appliances that cannot endure extreme heat that is common in some places, while at the same time, there are things that can be damaged by cold weather and would not last long in some cities. In these cases, special climate controlled storage units are offered to you.


  1. Storage Units Are Only For Long-term Use – Afraid of commitments? Do not worry because storage units are not really going to force you to use them for years. You have control over how long you want to use them and you can decide when to leave anytime.


Storage units are pretty flexible and will not guilt you into using them for the long-term if it is not necessary. They exist to keep your items safe for you while you figure things out in your new place! Until you are ready to take or completely let go of your belongings, storage units will gladly have them under their protection. And if you happen to decide what to do with your items sooner than expected, then you are free to get them and go!  


  1. Storage Units Are Only For House Items – You would be surprised how flexible storage units have now become. Nowadays, you can keep more than just your furniture and some boxes. You can actually ask a storage unit company to take care of your vehicle for you! When moving to a new apartment or office space, parking is one of the main problems many encounters. If you do not have any space to put your car, storage units are open for you.


If you are still unsure about using storage units for your stuff, do not hesitate to get in touch with Forest Creek Mini Storage. We can discuss the best storage unit package that will match your needs.