How To Find The Best Storage Solution For You

How To Find The Best Storage Solution For You

Whether you’re moving to a new house, temporarily relocating to another city, or simply in need of more space at home—renting storage allows you to keep your belongings safe until you decide on a more permanent solution for them. However, getting a storage unit may not be as straightforward you think. There are a few crucial details you must go over first before signing up for a unit.


In this article, we take you through the basic steps of finding the storage solution that fits your needs:


Searching For Storage Units Online


Looking up different storage companies online may seem very basic, but some people skimp on the research and just sign up with the first company that crops up. To be able to say you’ve given research a good college try, take note of at least 3-5 businesses in Round Rock, TX.


Go through each of their websites and see what services they have to offer. At the very least, you need to gather the following information from each storage company:


  1. Storage Unit Sizes
  2. Types of self-storage available
  3. Price range
  4. Previous customer reviews
  5. 24/7 Accessibility of Storage Units
  6. Security Features
  7. Insurance Options
  8. Discount Offers


Taking the time to go through such information for each storage company you shortlist will be worth it. Doing so increases your chances of picking the right storage solution for a better price.


Get In Touch With Customer Service


Once you’ve done your online research, it may also be a good idea to contact the hotline of each company you shortlisted. Try asking questions about their service features or pricing. This is a good opportunity for you to both clarify details and to suss out the quality of their customer service. The customer service representative may also fill you in on any upcoming promos you could take advantage of.


Think About How Much Storage Space You Need


Now comes the hard part—determining the storage unit size you need. To avoid under-or overestimating the amount of space you need, you’ll have to do an inventory check of the things you plan to keep in storage. While this can take a fair amount of time, you can make quick work of it if you do it step by step:


Begin with the larger stuff like furniture and appliances. Measure their dimensions and use a spreadsheet to record the information. Next come the smaller items like books, shoes, old clothes, and knick-knacks. Putting these items in boxes is the best way to figure out how much space you need for them collectively. Once you’ve put them in boxes, you can measure the dimensions of each box and add those to your inventory spreadsheet. Boxing your items ahead of time will also give you a head start on packing.


Do Onsite Inspections Of The Storage Facility


After you’ve figured out the amount of space you need, you can make a decision on which storage company to go with based on storage size and price. Before signing up for their service, ask if you can inspect their storage facility in person. Also, ask if you can see the actual unit they’ll assign to you before you seal the deal. Doing so will help you ensure that the company is able to deliver on the storage features they advertised online.


Doing an onsite inspection will also help you evaluate the convenience of the storage location. If you live in Round Rock, TX, you need to be mindful of traffic issues and how they affect the storage facility’s accessibility.


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