How To Properly Store Your Electronics

How To Properly Store Your Electronics

Storage units are a great option if you are in the middle of a move, have a large collection, or have simply run out of space in your home. A quality storage unit provider offers climate control and security features to help protect your items from theft or damage. However, when storing any item, you need to take extra care to make sure that they are packed in a way that will protect them. One of the mostly commonly-stored items, electronics, is also the most commonly damaged in storage. Here is how to pack your electronics so they don’t degrade or get damaged while waiting in storage.


1. Invest In Climate Control


Electronics are very sensitive to temperature changes. Their components can begin to melt and warp in the heat. While in the cold, they can crack and become brittle. The worst thing though is moisture. Moisture can get into the circuitry of the electronics and lead to corrosion of the components. The weather changes all the time and these frequent changes can lead to damage. So if you are storing electronics, make sure to get a climate controlled unit to keep them safe.


2. Organize By Type


Whenever storing something in a storage unit, it’s important to pack things in a way that they are easily found. The same is true for electronics. If you are storing computer parts, make sure to keep them together in a box labeled “computer parts.” Stack and store these boxes in a way that you can clearly see the label. That way when you need to access something, you can easily see and retrieve it.


3. Manage The Cords


Ever pull a box out of storage and it’s just a mess of cords? This is a really common phenomenon when it comes to Christmas lights. Then you have to spend a few frustrating hours untangling the cords. When packing your electronics, make sure to find a cord management system that will help prevent this tangle. This will help reduce a lot of frustration in the future.


4. Pad Electronics


Electronics are pretty vulnerable to moving as well. They have a lot of pieces that can easily break if dropped or shaken. So when packing your electronics, first line the box with padding. Then put padding between each item. Bubble wrap is the ideal material for packaging electronics because it not only adds a layer of protection, but has anti-static features that will further protect your electronics.


5. Try To Save The Box


Anytime you invest in an electronic, it’s a good idea to save the box. The box doesn’t just help with the resale value, the original box is perfect for storage. It has all the padding and packaging necessary to prevent breakage and it is already labeled. If you don’t still have the box, it’s okay because you can still follow the other directions to keep your electronics safe. 

Protecting your electronics will help keep them in great condition when you can finally retrieve them from storage. If you’re looking for a unit, check out Forest Creek Mini Storage. We offer climate controlled units for affordable prices that will help protect any stored electronics. Give us a call today to learn more.