The Best Way to Clean Out and Organize Your Storage Unit

The Best Way to Clean Out and Organize Your Storage Unit

If you have an upcoming move or have items you need to put somewhere to renovate your home, you probably have a storage unit. However, you might find yourself filling your storage unit with junk and unwanted items with everything going on.

If It is time for you to go through and clean and organize your storage unit, here are a few helpful tips for getting started and battling the clutter.

Take an Inventory

Whenever you put items into a storage unit, it is always good to inventory what you have. If you have a fair amount of boxes, count them and list them. When it comes time to clean out the unit, you will have a better idea about what needs to be done and how much help you might need.

Create a Space to Work

If you find that your Round Rock, TX storage unit is cramped and full, you may need to create a more open space either inside or outside of the unit, so you aren't limited. When doing this, make sure not to block any of the other storage units. Doing this allows you more space to pull items out and get organized.

Find Help

To avoid becoming overwhelmed by everything you have in your storage unit, enlist the help of some friends. Depending on what you have in your storage unit, it could take more than a day to get through everything.

The Sorting Process

When decluttering your storage unit, it helps to have a few labeled boxes on hand for you to sort through everything and keep it all organized. A keep box, store box, sell box, and toss box.

The items in the keep box will be taken out of storage, and back home, the storage box is for items you will continue to store, the sell box is for items you can sell for money or donate, and the toss box is for items that are broken or beyond repair.

When selling items, you can use platforms like Facebook Marketplace and eBay.

Stay On Task

To get the job done, it is best to stay on task. Once you get started, see your cleanout through to the end. Stay organized during the entire process, make sure everything has a spot, and you have enough help to get you through.

Follow an Order

When cleaning out your storage unit, it can also help to do it in a more organized fashion. For example, if there is any trash in the storage unit, that should be the first to go. You should then begin to locate your donation or sale items. Load them into your car and take care of them before moving onto the next step, which is assembling your keep box. If you follow this order, you will find that it makes the task much easier to manage, and you will get it done a lot faster and a lot more efficiently.

If you need to upgrade to a larger storage unit or downgrade to something smaller, now is the time to do that. Check-in with the storage professionals at Forest Creek Mini Storage in Round Rock, TX today.