Tips for Finding a Great Moving Company

Tips for Finding a Great Moving Company

If you have moved at some point in your life or even helped a friend or family member move, then you know how absolutely maddening the process can be. So, instead of dealing with the hassle and headache that comes with moving everything yourself, why not hire a moving company to help take some of the load off your shoulders?

Here are some tips for finding a great moving company to make your next move easier.

Research the Company

The first step, of course, is doing your research. You want to research the company and see how long they have been in business. It is also helpful to read reviews online from previous customers to see their experience with that particular company.

We recommend finding a company with positive reviews that have been in business for several years. Pay attention to the amount of detail they provide when you inquire about an estimate and see what kind of questions they ask you.

Check Licenses and Insurance

Now you will want to make sure the company you are considering is licensed and insured, or else there could be a significant risk to your belongings. Check the company website. The homepage or the About Us page on the website is typically where a reputable company would put their Department of Transporation (DoT) licensing and insurance information. You should also ask for proof if you are unsure.

Offered Services

You also want to be aware of the services the moving company offers. Many will follow through with house to house moves and will move the traditional items. However, if you have specialty items like a gun safe, hot tub, or piano that often prove to be a lot heavier than other items, you want to make sure it is within their capabilities to safely move these items as well.

Inquire About the Service Area

Many moving companies have no issue moving you house to house within their territory; however, if you are moving out of town or even out of state, you need to inquire about their service area and see how much this kind of move would cost. Even if the company received good reviews but isn't willing to go the distance, that company will not prove to be a good match for you.

Moving Equipment Options

You also want to see what kind of moving equipment they have. A moving specialist will have the specialized equipment needed to make sure each item is safely moved and transported. This is especially helpful information to have if you have those specialty items we named above that will prove to be heavier than other items.

Find the Right Mover for You

There are plenty of moving companies to choose from. Picking one is going to come down to your individual needs. Find a company that can do what you need.

If you still haven't found a moving company but need a place to store your belongings in the meantime, then a storage unit is great to have as you make your transition. For more information about getting a storage unit for your stuff, contact Forest Creek Mini Storage today.