Tips To Help You Organize Your Storage Unit So You Can Easily Access Your Items

Tips To Help You Organize Your Storage Unit So You Can Easily Access Your Items

Storage units are a great option for when you have a limited amount of space in your home or apartment. However, accessing your stored items can be a challenge if they are just stacked inside the storage unit. Before you store your items you should come up with a plan to organize them in a way that you can easily access anything you need without having to move the boxes in and out of the unit.  To help you get started oh, here are some tips on organizing your storage unit so it is functional.


Design A Layout For Your Storage Unit


Before you purchase a storage unit, you should take the measurements of the unit and create a diagram. With this diagram you can then begin mapping out where you want to put your items. This will not only help you design your storage space, it will also help you take inventory of what you plan to store. Laying out your items in a diagram will also make sure that you are purchasing the right size storage unit for your needs. Using this diagram will also ensure whenever you need to access your items you'll know where to look.


Invest In Quality Storage Containers


Investing in quality storage containers will not only help you better protect the items that you are storing, it will also keep your space organized. It's a good idea to buy similar size storage containers that way you can stack them in a uniform way. When you have quality storage containers that are durable and sturdy, you will also not have to worry about the weight of items stacked on each other damaging the items stored below. If your items will not fit safely inside of storage containers another option is to invest in shelving units and storing your items on the shelves. This will also provide you easy access to your possessions.


Label Everything


Once you have decided how you will store your items, it is essential that you also label them. Make sure that your labels contain detailed information about what is in the storage container or on the shelf. While you were labeling your storage containers you can also make note of the storage containers that you would want to be able to access easily. This way, when you begin putting the items into storage you can make sure that those boxes are the easiest to access. Also, when putting your storage containers into the unit make sure that the labels can be easily seen when you enter the unit.

At Forest Creek Mini Storage we make accessing your items simple. Our units are designed to provide safe storage of your items and come in a variety of sizes. If you would like more tips on storing your items, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you come up with a strategy that works for you.