What Size Storage Unit Do I Need?

What Size Storage Unit Do I Need?

Whether you’re looking for temporary storage while you move or have run out of space in your home for all your items, a storage unit is a great option. Storage units come in a range of sizes from 5 x 10’ to 10’ x 30’. Deciding what size storage unit can be a bit of a challenge, but here’s what you need to know to determine what size you need to not only store but easily access all of your items.


Key Factors To Consider


Here are some tips on getting started determining your storage unit size needs:


  1. What Are You Storing?


Make a quick inventory list of everything you plan to store. Then consider the size of each of the items. Are they large items like a car or small items like collectibles?


  1. How Often Will You Access The Items?


Will you need to get to your items routinely? If you’re planning on accessing your items frequently, you will need space in the storage unit to move around. You need about 18 inches to move around comfortably. Are you storing in between a move or while you are out of state and won’t need to access your items? If you don’t need to access your items, you will not have to factor in this space.


  1. Do Your Items Need Special Care?


If your items are especially delicate and cannot be stacked on top of one another, you need to factor that into your decision. You also may want to give certain items a bit of buffer space. Measure these items and add extra space before choosing your unit. Also, make sure when packing these items, you exercise extra care to keep them safe.


These considerations will help guide you in picking your storage unit.


What Sizes Spaces Are Available?


Storage unit sizes come in a range of options. Each size is ideal for different storage needs:


  • 5’ x 10’: Ideal for smaller furniture and collectibles. These units can hold an average of 10-15 boxes.
  • 10’ x 10’: Great for large furniture, appliances, and smaller vehicles like bicycles and motorcycles. Also holds around 10-15 boxes while still providing access space.
  • 10’ x 15’: Great for storing the contents of a smaller apartment or smaller vehicles like motorcycles or a compact car. Holds 15-20 boxes with access space.
  • 10’ x 20’: Great for the contents of a smaller home and mid-sized vehicles. Holds around 15-20 boxes with access space.
  • 10’ x 30’: Larger vehicles and the contents of a mid-sized home. Holds around 20 or more boxes with access space easily.


This should help you get an idea of what size storage unit you should choose.


Learn Your Options


At Forest Creek Mini Storage, we have a variety of different sized storage units. If you let our staff know what you are trying to store and why, we can help pick the storage unit size that will best meet your needs. Give us a call anytime and we’ll help you explore your options.