Choosing What Goes Into Storage During A Move

Choosing What Goes Into Storage During A Move

There are a number of perks that come with downsizing. Once the kids have moved out and you’re ready for a more appropriately sized home, you also get to enjoy less space to clean, more affordable payments, and your choice of where you wish to live. However, one of the most challenging aspects of downsizing is fitting a 3-bedroom home’s worth of belongings into a 1-bedroom condo. In Round Rock, TX, this leaves many wondering just what they’re going to do with all of their extra belongings. 

After you’ve sold or donated what you can part with, you’re likely still left with too many things, unless you’re willing to live a cluttered life. Luckily, storage options in Round Rock, TX provide another sort of solution, and one that allows you to safely store your possessions without parting with them permanently. 

Knowing What To Store 

As you’re going through your belongings in Round Rock, TX, how do you know what should go into storage and what will be coming along to your new residence with you? A few simple tips can help you to decide what should be stored and what can become a part of your new home: 

  • Furniture – Furniture is big, bulky, and often one of the first things that go into storage. If you have an extendable dining room set, you can size down the set as it stands and take the extra pieces to your storage unit. For instance, if your dining room table can seat 5 people but has a leaf insert that can seat 8, you don’t have to keep the entire assembled table in your home at all times. Take the leaf and the extra chairs, place them into storage, and only take them out when necessary. 

Another popular furniture option is patio or lawn furniture. Rather than storing them indoors out of season, they can be tucked away safely in your storage unit until spring rolls around again. 

  • Seasonal Apparel – Clothing also takes up quite a bit of space, and there is no need to keep all seasons in your closet at once. With tightly sealed plastic containers, you can store away out-of-season pieces safely until it’s the appropriate time to wear them again. 

  • Holiday Decorations – In a large home, you may have plenty of space to store all of those holiday decorations all year round, but this is less likely if you’re downsizing. This doesn’t mean paring down your holiday decorations when you have a storage unit to rely on. You can keep all of your out-of-season décor in your storage unit and switch out as the seasons change. 

The Storage You Need For Downsizing 

If you’re considering a downsizing in the near future, don’t worry about what you’re going to do with possessions that hold valuable memories. Contact us at Forest Creek Mini Storage to see how we can help you to store all of your most treasured belongings so you can achieve your home downsizing goals.