Doing Self-Storage The Right Way

Doing Self-Storage The Right Way

You’re moving out or into the Round Rock, TX area soon, and you’re planning on getting self-storage to ease the pain you might experience during this endeavor. It seems pretty easy, and it usually is, especially when you’re dealing with a reliable storage provider. However, that doesn’t mean mistakes won’t be made during this entire process of moving in or out of your property. 

If you’re about to rent and pack up your items to store in your own storage unit, here are some mistakes you need to avoid:

No Organization

Self-storage is supposed to help with the organization of your beloved items, but without proper organization in the self-storage process itself, things might get messy. 

One of the most common mistakes people make when getting self-storage is choosing the wrong unit size. It’s either too big or too small for their items. It is critical for you to calculate the amount of space your belongings require. 

A unit that is too small will result in you stuffing your items into the available space, which will then damage your belongings. On the other hand, when a unit is too big that it leaves too much unused space, it will be uneconomical on your part.

To avoid those problems, don’t hesitate to ask your storage service provider about the best size of the unit in relation to the size and number of objects you have. It might be best to have an inventory of your storage items as well as this might help in determining what you need.

Another great advantage of having an inventory is that it will serve as your reminder of the items you’ve kept in your storage unit. You’ll have something to look at months later, making it easier for you to find specific items.

Aside from doing an inventory, label your boxes correctly. You’re not going to remember where everything is in the future, and you really, really wouldn’t want to go through every single box in your storage unit.

Packing Items Carelessly

Pack your items in boxes, and if you’re going to wrap them in anything, avoid newspapers. The ink will make its way onto your belongings. Use clean paper, bubble wrap, towels, or blankets to wrap your fragile items in instead.

Keep your items packed together tightly to prevent any movement. Fill gaps with crumpled paper, and make sure to seal your boxes well. As for furniture, wrap them in moving blankets. Do not store food as these will attract pests and rodents.

Clean appliances and large objects prior to storing them, and be sure to dry them completely. Failing to do so might lead to dampness or moisture—your worst enemy when using a self-storage unit. You’ll be facing a unit filled with moldy belongings should you leave an item that wasn’t completely dry.

Not Doing Background Research  

There are many self-storage facilities in the Round Rock, TX area. Don’t forget to do background research on the storage company of your choice. It’s important that you entrust your belongings to a storage facility that will give them the same care as you do.

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