Making The Most Of Packing Your Storage Unit

Making The Most Of Packing Your Storage Unit

When you put your items in storage prior to a move, there are some considerations that can help you choose the right storage unit for your needs. If you’ve never rented a storage unit in Round Rock before, you may not know how much space you need and how best to pack your items so they stay in great condition. In order to help you protect your items and choose the best space, we’ve created a helpful guide.

Determine The Size Of The Unit 

Our Round Rock storage facility, offers a variety of different sized units for all your storage needs. Determining which sized unit you need depends on what you plan on storing. The best way to determine this is to first pack all of your items, measure them, and then select your unit. You may think you only need a 5’ by 10’ but by the time you get everything boxed up, you may find you actually need a 10’ by 10’ unit.

Consider If You Need Climate Control 

There are many personal items that do not fare well in the heat. If you are packing anything sentimental like old photographs, valuable collectibles, or expensive electronics, it’s important to get a climate-controlled unit. Climate controlled units control not only the temperature but the humidity. Certain items like fabrics, furniture, and antiques, can be susceptible to moisture damage and even mold. So if you plan on storing any of these items, you will need to select a climate-controlled unit in Round Rock, especially to protect against the humidity.

Packing For Your Storage Unit

When you are ready to begin packing there are some important steps to take. First, you want to make sure all your items are clean and dry. Then it’s a good idea to pack them in plastic containers that can be easily arranged and offer an extra layer of protection. Next, you’ll want to make sure that you disassemble your furniture and bag all the hardware for easy access. Finally, you’ll want to clearly label everything so that if you need to retrieve a single item, you can easily find it. If you have anything very valuable, you’ll need to catalog the model and serial numbers as well.

Packing Your Storage Unit 

The best way to pack a storage unit is to place the least used items in the back first, then the most used items at the front. This will help if you ever need to access anything. Next, you’ll want to pack along the sides of the unit and leave a clear space in the center. This will make entering and exiting your unit easy, so that you can find whatever you need quickly.

At Forest Creek Mini Storage in Round Rock we offer a range of great storage options from large spaces to climate control areas. We’ll make sure that your valuables are completely protected so you have peace of mind. If you are ready to pack up your items into a storage facility, give us a call. We’ll not only help you get the storage unit you need, but we’ll offer more tips and techniques to pack your items for full protection and easy access. Call us today to learn more!