Making The Move Easier For Homes With Pets

Making The Move Easier For Homes With Pets

More than 67% of American families share their home with a pet. It may be a dog, a cat, a rabbit, or any other companion animal, but one thing is for certain – our pets mean a lot to us. Pets are family, and when we move, we move our pets right along with us. For families in the Round Rock, TX area looking to move house in the near future, making the experience as stress-free for your pet as possible is important. 

Like moving with children, moving with pets in Round Rock, TX will take some special consideration. Unlike children, we cannot explain to our pets what is going on. They only know that things are suddenly very different and this can be quite scary for them. A few tips can really help to make the moving process less stressful for pets and the families who love them. 

Tips For Moving With Your Pet 

With a few tips, pet owners can safely prepare and carry out their move while keeping their furry loved ones calm throughout the process. A few tips for moving with your pet in Round Rock, TX are: 

  • Bring your boxes in early – For most pets, a collection of cardboard boxes is a curious and suspicious thing. They’re not sure what these objects are, they smell strange, and they make things “different” in their home. You can’t explain the use of the boxes or why you need them, so they continue to be uncomfortable with its presence. Bringing your moving boxes in early and allowing them to sit in one spot before filling and moving them gives your pet a little time to get used to them, so they’ll feel more comfortable when the time comes for their use. 

  • Set aside a room you plan to pack up last – Either a back office or a spare bedroom, a room you plan to pack up last gives your pet some familiarity during the packing process. When your pet feels stressed or nervous, they can retreat to this space that smells, looks, and feels comforting to them. 

  • Plan for the trip – If you’re planning to move far away, you’ll also need to get your pet acclimated to their crate and being in a moving vehicle. Most pets spend little time in their crates, and they don’t go on long car rides often. In the weeks leading up to the move, have your pet spend more time in their crate, take them on long car rides, and get them more comfortable with the actual process of the move. 

What You Need For An Easier Move 

It’s not just pets you’ll need to consider before your big move, but your storage as well. Finding the right storage unit in the area can ensure your move is an organized and smooth process, and it even allows you a space to store your belongings as you gradually pack your home. If you’re looking for the right area storage space, contact us at Forest Creek Mini Storage today.