Now More Than Ever, Emergency Storage May Really Matter

Now More Than Ever, Emergency Storage May Really Matter

Residents of Round Rock, TX are still adjusting a very different “new normal” now that the COVID-19 virus as swept through the nation. The USA is now the official epicenter for the disease with more infections than any other country in the world.

This has disrupted the lives and plans of many people here in Round Rock, TX. And while this has resulted in some people working from home, or losing their jobs entirely, it’s had many other unexpected side-effects. One of those is an emergency need to store belongings.

Plans Gone Awry

The shelter in place government guidance, lockdowns of non-essential businesses, and, of course, the shutdown of schools have all upended many people’s lives. For some, this has created a real problem with what to do with “extra stuff.” A business, for example, may have received a shipment of inventory. Still, there may not be anywhere safe and secure enough to store until it’s once again needed to restock items.

Students may find themselves in very uncertain situations concerning housing. International students, for example, even if they are no longer going to classes, can’t fly back home either. If there are issues with being allowed to remain where they currently live, there may be a need to relocate, but even that may take some time.

Extra Storage Can Help

When you have furniture, valuables, or other extras that now need a temporary safe-haven, storage facilities are the perfect solution. These are large, dry, secure spaces that are carefully monitored and maintained to ensure that once something is placed in storage, it remains that way, exactly as when it was put there.

There is always a risk when storing things in any facility not specialized in security and safety. Leaving things with friends, for example, leaves those items wide open to being used or even stolen, not even necessarily the friends, but with others who may come to visit. Conversely, having a shed in a yard may mean there’s a roof over the goods to keep them dry, but leaks can still come in from the walls, or, worse yet, there may not be enough room for everything you need to store.

Trust The Professionals

A professional storage facility provides many benefits. Customers get a choice of different sizes for storage, and of course, if multiple units are required, that’s an option as well. This way, if you have a little or a lot, you can find the storage solution that works for your needs.

More importantly, however, is the safety and security of goods. No one else has access to your storage unit. Because this is a dedicated storage facility, the staff is available for assistance, and there is rigorous security in place. If you have specific needs, such as keeping items at a certain temperature and level humidity, there are even climate-controlled options to ensure delicate objects are not just safely stored, but kept in the ideal environment.

If you live in Round Rock, TX, and you need someplace to store your belongings, don’t’ take chances. Contact Forest Creek Mini-Storage and rest assured that your belongings are safe and sound with us.